The Music of a Seizure

Scientists at Stanford University used an EEG from a patient experiencing a convulsive seizure (like the ones that affect Jordan) to construct an audio recording using tones that fell into the human voice spectrum. The resulting audio track is haunting and reveals a fascinating perspective on what’s happening when the brain is disrupted by the electrical storm we call seizures.

To understand what you’re listening to, here’s an except from the piece in Fast Company:

“Around 0:20, the patient’s seizure starts in the right hemisphere, and the patient is talking and acting normally. Around 1:50, the left hemisphere starts seizing while the right is in a postictal state. The patient is mute and confused. At 2:20 both hemispheres are in the postictal state. Patient is looking around, still confused, trying to pick at things, and get out of bed.”

Check out the full story here.

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