We had lunch today at Spitfire Grill just across from the Santa Monica Airport. While Jeanette and Luc finished their meals, Jordan and I took a walk over to the field. We watched planes take-off and land. Jordan got so excited. It didn’t matter that the wind was gusty and tinged with a little briskness. She stood up and leaned over the rail to get a closer look. Even though she said she wasn’t cold, I threw my jacket over her to keep her warm.

Awhile later, Jeanette and Luc joined us and Jeanette snapped this picture. It was a fun afternoon.

Written by

Larry Vincent is Jordan Vincent's father. He is a writer, photographer and a branding executive who works at United Talent Agency in Los Angeles. He is the author of Brand Real and Legendary Brands and is currently at work on his first novel, Juliette, which is inspired by Jordan's Journey.

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