The Conversation Tonight

Jeanette: Jordan, your dinner is ready
Jordan: (inspecting the pasta in her dish) Why did you disobey me?
Jeanette: What?
Jordan: Why did you disobey me?
Jeanette: I have no idea what you’re talking about, but that’s not how you talk to me.
Jordan: I told you what I wanted for dinner. This isn’t it.
Jeanette: Change your tone. (exits)
I walk downstairs, hungry.
Me: Jordan, would you like me to make you a sausage patty.
Jordan: (cheerfully) Sure, Dad.
(I then make said chicken sausage patty with a bit of apple sauce and seasonings. I bring to Jordan).
Jordan: Thanks, Dad. This is so good. You know exactly what I like to eat, don’t you, Dad?
(Jeanette taps foot in the corner)
Moral of the story — Daddy rocks.

Written by

Larry Vincent is Jordan Vincent's father. He is a writer, photographer and a branding executive who works at United Talent Agency in Los Angeles. He is the author of Brand Real and Legendary Brands and is currently at work on his first novel, Juliette, which is inspired by Jordan's Journey.

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