Action-Packed Weekend

We haven’t received the report from Jordan’s PET scan on Wednesday, but we’re also not expecting anything surprising. After a day’s rest, Jordan was back to school. She had a very busy weekend. Friday night, she performed in her class play about American History. She remembered her lines and sang with gusto. On Saturday, she carried on with my good friend Mary Ann Mooney as if they had known each other for decades. And then, on Father’s Day, she made me feel extra special while we relaxed in the Backyard of the W Hotel. Jordan got her nails done, ate a giant plate of salmon, and dipped in the pool … because that’s how she rolls. Oh, while in the pool, she mixed it up with a party of tatooed adults. As we left, they said, “bye, Jordan. Have a great day!”

Before the weekend officially started, Jordan appeared in her class play. She was marvelous.

While enjoying her swim, Jordan introduced herself to a party in progress. She won them over in five minutes flat.



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