Her counts are low again, and she had to get another shot of GCSF. She was not pleased with the shot part. She may need a few more. She’s been fatigued, but she still has her personality. I’ve been on the road all week. Still, I get calls from her to ask how I’m doing. She has the most lovely tone when she calls. When I ask how she’s doing she’s always nonchalant. Last night, when she realized she called me during a client dinner she said, “it’s good to hear your voice Dad and I miss you, but call me after your dinner.” It’s sweet when she’s concerned about me. Little does she know I’d make any client wait to hear about her day.

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Larry Vincent is Jordan Vincent's father. He is a writer, photographer and a branding executive who works at United Talent Agency in Los Angeles. He is the author of Brand Real and Legendary Brands and is currently at work on his first novel, Juliette, which is inspired by Jordan's Journey.

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