She’s ready. Make no doubt. She’s ready.
We walked to See’s Candies together to buy her mother a Valentine’s Day present. Three blocks required nearly a half hour, but she walked without complaint. She chatted constantly with every step. Mostly, the conversational threads were random thoughts and wanton whims, but here and there she’d reference the surgery she’s scheduled to have in five short days. There’s very little complaint – almost no hesitation – just talk of what she’ll do when her feet are repaired and how she plans to cope when she can’t walk on her own.
When we got home, she staged a surprise for her mom. The surprise required Jeanette to go upstairs, stand still, and close her eyes. When she was allowed to open them, Jordan presented the box of chocolates with a grand flourish and a heart-felt card. Jeanette was clearly touched, but Jordan was already moving on to the next item on the daily agenda. That’s the way she works. Give mom a present. Check! Chase the dog. Check! Hunt for sweets. Check. It’s a never-ending to-do list.
We setup the camera this afternoon and Jordan wanted to take her turn behind the lens. I setup the lights, but she snapped several good shots of me. I beckoned her over to sit with me and we took a few together. She cuddled with me and grabbed my hand, and when we were done, she kissed me on the cheek and said, “I forgot to give you sugar today, Daddy. I know you like to have sugar from your daughter.” I nodded and then she sprung up and moved to the next to-do item.
She’s going to do great on Friday. Of this, I’m sure.

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