We’re relieved. Though the radiologist has not delivered the report yet, Jordan’s oncologist has completed a preliminary review of the scans and reports that she is continuing to make progress. From his read, it appears her condition is stable, which is much better than we feared. Jordan’s persistent headaches, back aches and nausea worried us. We were all expecting that the tumor might have won this battle. But it seems Jordan is still kicking its butt … or at least holding the battle line.

She is exhausted. It was a very long day and she was so nervous in the morning that I think she’s now completely spent. We took her to Denny’s (at her request). She ate a pancake breakfast and a hot dog plate. She is now taking calls from her family and lounging in front of the television. Thank you, everyone, for all the kind words of support. We definitely did not feel alone these last few days.

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