Travel Buddy

Making a bouquet

We haven’t taken a trip together for awhile – just Jordan and I. This weekend would remedy that. We flew to San Francisco for a long weekend of sight seeing, shopping and fine dining. Jordan had a great time, and so did I. We posted some cool photos from our trip on Flickr.

Among the cool parts:

  • Jordan telling me she wants to help me write Juliette (this should be fun)
  • Numerous self-disclosures to innocent strangers – “I have cancer”
  • Fish feast all around – we ate so much seafood I think we’ve sprouted gills
  • She’s become a shutter bug

And I just realized that she wore the same darn hoodie to San Diego. She really does have more than one set of clothes.

Written by

Larry Vincent is Jordan Vincent's father. He is a writer, photographer and a branding executive who works at United Talent Agency in Los Angeles. He is the author of Brand Real and Legendary Brands and is currently at work on his first novel, Juliette, which is inspired by Jordan's Journey.

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