Her counts were good when she went for labs this week, so she’s back on chemotherapy. She ran a slight fever Tuesday night. The medical team pulled her from school as a precaution and she has not returned.

She has a lot of trouble walking. She continues to lose her footing and fall often, but it’s her stride that’s most affected now. She walks awkwardly, with heavy steps. Her arms extend so that she can catch her balance and use furniture to steady herself. She doesn’t move quickly and it takes all of her concentration to get from one point to another. She often asks us to carry her.

The medical team is considering prescribing a wheelchair for use at school. Everyone is concerned that she will hurt herself. When she’s with her peers she overdoes it. The flip side is that a wheelchair could weaken her legs. Moving around keeps the muscles strong.

The family goes away to Palm Springs this weekend. Lucas has a swim meet and we plan to take some time to lounge by the pool. Jordan loves swimming and playing in the water. It should be therapeutic for all of us.

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