With each new day Jordan is getting stronger and more like her old self. Her sleep cycle hasn’t returned to normal, yet. She generally crawls into our bed around 4am and takes a long nap at around 10am. She’s a little less moody, and her wit is regaining its sharpness.

Wednesday we meet with the oncology team to discuss the new chemotherapy protocol. Jordan will return on Thursday to get started. The side effects of the new medicine are more onerous than the last. We’ll have to watch her closely for awhile. Thankfully, she has had no further seizures. She’ll be seeing her neurologist soon.

Written by Larry

Larry Vincent is Jordan Vincent's father. He is a writer, photographer and a branding executive who works at United Talent Agency in Los Angeles. He is the author of Brand Real and Legendary Brands and is currently at work on his first novel, Juliette, which is inspired by Jordan's Journey.

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